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Students Testimonials

 I had learn the best knowledge about security, at ASTM. I never had any knowledge in the field of security. I was working in recovery department in Bank. At ASTM, I have got all the knowledge about security that I am capable of handling security threats in the company. I would like to thank all my faculties for giving us best of the practical knowledge. After completion of the course I have got the placement at GIA India Lab. Pvt. Ltd. For that I would like to thank Kittu Sharma Sir (Placement Officer). ASTM made my career!


ASTM was very helpful in building my confidence. This institute gives wide opportunities for security professionals. Teachers at ASTM have lots of knowledge and experience. They were very helpful in giving guidance to me. At ASTM, I got knowledge of English, soft skills and personality development from Iyer madam.


Before joining ASTM I worked as Security Guard and I didn’t have any knowledge about security field. But the security course in ASTM helped me learn about electronic security, soft skills and how to deal with people correctly. My experience in ASTM includes good training, helpful faculty, good physical training, and everything that we need to improve our future

Mangesh S. Kudtarkar

My experience was good at ASTM. I got to learn a lot of things related to corporate security. The faculty is good and possess excellent knowledge about security related issues. My first two months in ASTM was great as I learnt about various subjects during this period

Ajinkya A. Todankar

I worked 3 years in Tops Securit y and I did not know the full work of Security but when I joined ASTM, I learnt all types of Security like First Responder, Risk Survey, Fire Fighting, Soft Skills, Electronic Security, Weapon Training and got the knowledge about these verticals in depth. Earlier I was on contract basis job, now after completing CCSM course I am on GIA’s payroll and my designation is Assistant Security Officer. I really feel proud I want to thank entire ASTM team. Now I can look forward for better future and a successful career.

Nilanchal Gouda

It was a great learning experience best, best part about the course is you get to learn about all security devices under one roof and once your course is completed they provide you 2 months internship which help you to get hands on experience on products that you have learned here. Overall it was a great experience & I would thanks ASTM for kick starting my career in electronic security

Sandhesh Shetty

After joining ASTM, I learned about Discipline and importance of time management in the field of security. I learnt about solving problems that we often face in security jobs. I have been trained well at ASTM in handling weapons, first Aid, fire fighting etc. People in ASTM institute are very good and my teachers have taught me well. They have taught me English Speaking that made me confident about spoken English. For all these reasons I say that ASTM is a good institute.

Anil AtmaramShirsekar


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