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DDU-GKY is one of the larger programmes in the Government sponsored skill training eco-system of India. The stakeholders include Ministry of Rural development(MoRD)/National Mission Management Unit(NU), the State Missions, empanelled Training Partners, Technical Support & Knowledge Partners, Partnerships with employers/industries and the student beneficiaries. The scheme envisions transforming rural poor youth into economically independent and globally relevant workforce.Collaborative involvement of all stakeholders is intended to bring synergy and leverage to achieve transformative change. DDU-GKY, a part of National Rural Livelihood Mission(NRLM) is tasked with the dual goals of adding diversity to the income of the rural poor youth and cater to their aspirations.

There is focus on sustainability, with stress on training of soft skills, team working, computer literacy besides domain skills, with high emphasis on placement retention strategy. Strong quality assurance framework and use of technology like Geo-Tagged Biometrics to track attendance of students/trainers, provision of tablets and e-learning are some of the characteristic hallmarks of this training scheme.



ASTM has signed agreement with RSLDC for implementation and execution of DDU GKY program which primarily focuses on beneficiaries coming from the BPL category. For this ASTM has set up an Iconic skilled training centre in Alwar district of Rajasthan with the state of the Art technology and centre of excellence


ASTM follows stringent SOP’s as per operational manual of MORD and focuses on quality of skills training through regular audits and personal review and monitoring at the centres.