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Chairmans Message


Chairman Message – Mahohar Bidaye

Our journey of contributing to the skill development ecosystem in India as a security training academy started in April 2008. While the road travelled thus far has been full of learnings and satisfying achievements, a lot remains to be done in the years ahead.

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of our nation’s economic growth and social development. India has been facing severe shortages of well trained and skilled workers.

About 12 million people enter the workforce every year in India who need jobs with vocational skills. With this demographic dividend waiting to be reaped, our institute is now in the mission mode of harnessing their enormous potential by imparting outcome focused quality training with scale and speed.

Our institute since the inception has been focused on training in the domains of security and safety. Our vocational training programs have translated into most of our students getting decent jobs paving their career paths. We also have experienced great satisfaction in having trained batches of fire protection engineers benchmarked to global standards with jobs overseas. With the intent of leveraging our hitherto acquired experiences, our network and resources to rapidly address the skilling potential in other high growth and priority sectors, we have decided to transform ASTM into a multi-skilling institute by entering into new domains as we go forward in our journey. Our institute has now been renamed as “ASTM Skills Private Limited”

Our new vision for ASTM is to be India’s premier institute in skill development by imparting high quality training, enhancing employability, fostering talent development and aspirations with multidisciplinary perspectives through centres of excellence.

ASTM will continue to impart training through it’s spectrum of vocational skilling programs, livelihood and job oriented skilling programs offered through multiple Government Schemes at State and Central level converged through Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship(MSDE), the nodal ministry for all Skill India efforts, besides offering competency based vocational training in schools within the National Skills Qualification Framework(NSQF). In addition, ASTM will continue to offer upskilling programs in our identified training domains to corporates with appropriate customization as necessary.

Our training programs will be offered both at our own centresof excellence and also through our strongly enabled network of franchisees pan India. We shall provide a seamless framework for implementing skilling development which includes trainees mobilization, developing training curriculum aligned to industry requirements and benchmarked with best practices, effective training delivery, providing gainful employment to meet aspirations and career advancements of trainees. Our vocational training programs will also aim to support the weaker and underprivileged sections of society through focused outreach programs and targeted skill development initiatives.

Our ASTM team is committed to make a difference to the lives of our students and shape their careers.God bless you and wishing you all the best!

Thank You