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1. Duration

Unlike the earlier phase of the scheme that was for the FY 2015-16, the new phase is for 4 years (2016-20).The increased duration will help continuous implementation of the scheme. This move is going to positively affect the outcome and the overall impact on the skill development and employment ecosystem.

2. Social Target

The new phase have the target of skill development of 1 Crore youth over a period of 4 years. The target is more than 4 times the target of the inaugural phase of PMKVY. It makes PMKVY one of the largest skill development programs globally. Out of the total target of 1 crore, 75 lakhs from the fresh skilling and 25 lakhs for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of the existing workforce.

3. Budget

The Government has allocated a budget of 12000 Crore towards the next phase of the scheme. It highlights the priority and importance Government is giving for resource mobilization for the success of Skill India Mission. This will further increase the Country position in becoming the Skill Capital of the World.

4. Coverage

To ensure extensive and equitable coverage, the scheme has special provisions for residential training for People with Disability (PWD), North Eastern Region(NER), Andaman, Nicobar, Kashmir and Keh region, Lakshadweep and Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in affected areas.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (Model Skills Centers) established in each district of the country to secure inclusiveness and to make skill development more inspirational. An addition of residential training component to PMKVY is encouraging enrollment, participation, and completion of training and will give the support to particular areas and groups.

5. Implementation

The implementation of the scheme has been trusted to National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC). State Governments and State Skill Development Missions (SSDM) also be involved for implementation of one fourth of both the financial and social targets.

Some Key Components of the Scheme:

Short Term Training

The Short Term Training granted at PMKVY Training Centers is expected to benefit candidates of Indian nationality who are either school/college dropouts or unoccupied. Apart from providing training according to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF), TCs shall also impart training in Soft Skills, Financial, Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy.

Duration of the training varies per job role, covering between 150 and 300 hours. Upon successful completion of their assessment, candidates provided placement assistance by Training Partners (TPs). Under PMKVY, the entire training and fees are paid by the Government. Payouts shall be provided to the Training partners in alignment with the Common Norms. Training imparted under the Short Term Training component of the Scheme shall be NSQF Level 5 and below.

Special Projects

The special projects component of PMKVY visualizes the creation of a platform that will facilitate training in special areas and premises of government bodies, corporate or industry agencies and training in special job roles not defined under the Qualification packs (QPs)/National Occupational Standards (NOSs).

Special Projects are projects that require some variation from the terms and conditions of Short Term Training under PMKVY for any stakeholder. A proposing stakeholder can be either Government Institutions of Central or State Government/Autonomous Body or any other comparable body or corporate who desire to provide training to candidates.

Placement Guidelines

PMKVY envisages linking the aptitude and knowledge of the skilled workforce it creates with job opportunities and demands in the market. Every effort needs to be made by the PMKVY TCs to provide placement opportunities to candidates, trained and certified under the Scheme. Training Partners also provide support to entrepreneurship development.